Hey, everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

I’ve been slightly AWOL over the past couple of days due to the release of The Sims 4, which I have been patiently waiting for ever since I heard of it’s release and tested an early version when I worked at Eurogamer in London during October 2013. I’m having lots of fun with it, and you can see what I’m getting up to in my game by heading over to my Sims Tumblr, or ‘Simblr’ as the community likes to call it. You can find it here!

Today’s blog post is a rehash of an outfit i’ve been wanting to blog for a while, when I was having my 90s-esque phase of looks a week or so back. I recieved a couple of new releases from Truth, as well as a lovely little shirt dress from Rowne for their Collabor88 release, and decided that these pieces worked extremely well with certain other items in the original look, and et voila! Here we are.

The pants, by Baiastice, and the bracelet (which I adore!) by Izzie’s are still available to pick up at The Dressing Room FUSION for super cheap! So head over and pick these beauties up whilst you have the chance.

If any of you are playing The Sims 4 as of late and have a tumblr page yourself, be sure to give me a follow! I’ll be back and forth between this and that blog over the next couple of weeks until I start to get bored of it. Ha!



Song of The Day



Today’s post features a hat that I think I wear way too much, but whatever. There aren’t that many good hats in SL that are versatile with many styles of hair, so I latched onto this one when it came out a couple of years ago from Celoe, and proves to (as you all have seen) still be one of my favourite pieces. The glasses from Epoque and the bracelet from Amiari are also items I often wear around the grid, and you’ve probably noticed me featuring them in many of my posts lately.

I initially thought against blogging this look, because of this fact that I wear these items too often, but my blog isn’t directed at being specific to new releases at the moment, so I thought I’d share nonetheless.

This coat by Vive Nine Ryvolter, a late release at the Uber event comes in a fantastic array of fabric styles and patterns, and definitely worth the 400L price tag. It works perfectly with Celoe’s Kenya dress that was released for the Safari Chic round of Collabor88 earlier this summer.

Friday’s new Zoe heels in the colour Autumn are absolutely darling. Can you guess why I like them? I only recently picked up the SLink high feet, but I have been picking up so many beautiful shoes for them lately that I’m super happy I finally got around to getting them.

I figured that this outfit was about reusing things and adding a couple new items to it, so I headed back to my favourite sim, Mayfair, to take this picture outside the Irish pub! I’m a wee bit tipsy now, I tell you.

I hope you’re having a fantastic hump day, and thanks for stopping by!

Black is The Colour

I’m back with another Uber post!

I’ve been listening to The Walking Dead soundtrack today and wanted to do something high fashion but slightly grittier. The scene, from Wavie Haller of Consignment’s new shelter worked perfectly with this look, which features new items from Baiastice’s Sissy Pessoa, Maxi Gossamer, and also an old Collabor88 item from Maitreya; and in its entirety is brilliantly and lovingly created, complete with optional furniture. I noticed that Wavie included many little nods to The Walking Dead’s AMC show, which any of you die-hard fans (I like punning a lot lately) will notice if you look close enough.

Terminus, anyone?

Song of The Day

The Last of Us

Uber’s new round is upon us, and what a fantastic round it is!

With the theme of an apocalypse, Uber’s designers have seriously dug into their creative outlets and pulled out some fantastic creations ranging from clothing, to furniture and even set pieces!

This jacket from Xin, which is actually a male jacket, works well as a unisex piece for females with a smaller chest, It comes with a fantastic variety of options in a sleek, well designed HUD, and I spent around 10 minutes just playing with the colour options to figure out what I liked best.

The Ukai’s set by Maxi Gossamer is absolutely fantastic and works perfectly with the bang on trend boots by Deadwool that have filled an empty space in my inventory. I love them.

I’ll be sharing pictures of my other looks over on my Flickr over the next couple of days, but in the mean time check out this sneak preview from yours truly of the Uber sim this round!

Happy shopping!


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Summer Wine

Well, another rezday over and done with! Thank you all the the lovely birthday wishes, and I hope that you all enjoyed looking at my 6 Year Collage over on Flickr! If you didn’t, you can see it here!

Today’s post is a little bit later than I should have posted it, but I let myself have a blogging-free day since it was my special day, haha. Excuses, excuses, I know.

Truth’s new releases this week are Lilith, pictured above, and Nissa. I’m never usually a huge fan of this cutesy-cherub-like hairstyle, but it actually looks very nice and is superbly well made. I was pleasantly surprised. Nissa is a fishtail braid that hangs around the front and almost has a very wind-blown feel to it, so would be perfect for outdoorsy pictures on the beach or in the forest as we draw closer to the Autumn season.

P.S, I finally made the transition over to the SLink mesh body! My friend Gogo of JuicyBomb told me that to overcome some issues that the alpha system doesn’t cover, she compensates by deforming her body with the avatar sliders to allow the clothes to fit properly. I tested this out and was pleasantly surprised.

LeLutka doesn’t cover body appliers for the SLink parts so I shopped around for a close match and am super happy with the Glam Affair America tone that I picked up. I actually prefer it to the LeLutka body texture as it has many more highlights along with a pink tone to the skin as opposed to the greyish purple undertones of the Hush tone on the Kit skin.

Song of The Day

Our Time

Goodness me am I finally happy to post this. These looks and images have been the bane of my existence for the past day, hence me being slightly AWOL. Alright, that’s slightly dramatic, yes. But it’s true! The result, however, I love.

I initially wanted to share this with you all on my rezday, tomorrow (Tuesday 19th Aug) but I figured that this post doesn’t actually really have anything to do with a rezday, so yeah, you’re getting it early! Lucky you.

This post is a continuation of my music video look recreations I’ve been doing lately, but a whole lot bigger. Today you’re getting three looks in one! And, goodness me, trying to spend the early hours of the morning attempting to move myself from pose to pose and change outfits without my camera moving seemed like an impossible feat, and it had definitely defeated me until I woke up this morning and realised I have a Malt (male alt) lying around. If you aren’t much into photography you might understand the problems I had, but if not let me tell you, I nearly threw this look out the window. I’m glad I persevered.

Lily Allen has been one of my favourite artists for a long, long time. Straight laced, sarcastic and unafraid to speak her mind, her music often parodies our society and its views on body image and the like. In her recent music video for ‘Our Time’, Lily plays three, well, four (a woman dressed in a hotdog costume) women all with their own styles going out into town for a night out. They ride along in the back of a taxi, drink, get drunk and don’t pay their cab fee. It’s fab, really. Very true to a London night out.

I’ve tried my best to recreate these looks as well as I could. Slightly different to my usual set up, each style card is listed below as opposed to being at the top of the post, as I didn’t want to crowd the header image with walls of text.

I hope you like today’s post and images. Let me know if you would like me to do more challenging looks like this in the future. I certainly enjoyed it a lot!




Song of The Day


Epoque & Bilo both released new items last night, and I absolutely adore them. I’ve worn Epoque’s old Browline shades for years now as my go-to glasses, so when Vintage McMillan informed me of her new release that acts as a homage to her older pieces, I was thrilled. They come in a variety of four colour packs to choose from, each pack with their own pattern/colour options. The lens themselves are wearable as glasses or sunglasses, depending upon your preference.

Chandra Masala of Bilo is fabulous and a very close friend, and I’ve gotten to know how creative she can be, and always inspires me. This new dress if stunning. Seriously. It’s extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right accessorising. I definitely recommend it as any SL woman’s staple addition to our already brimming wardrobes.

Finally, the bag and jewellery. I think that my SL old age (I’ve played on multiple accounts since around early 2005!) has finally caught up with me, because I seem to forget all about events and remember just as everyone has already picked up the new releases. I’ve never been great at accessorising and it’s something that I try to work on as much as I can. So when I saw these pieces at FaMESHed and Uber this month I snapped them up as I knew exactly what they would go with. I’m feeling very Hamptons housewife heading to her girlfriend’s for a spot of poker and hors d’oeuvres in this post. I love it.

It’s nearly Friday, everyone! Hope you’re all getting excited for the weekend. I’ll leave you with this fabulous song of the day.

Song of The Day