Epoque & Bilo both released new items last night, and I absolutely adore them. I’ve worn Epoque’s old Browline shades for years now as my go-to glasses, so when Vintage McMillan informed me of her new release that acts as a homage to her older pieces, I was thrilled. They come in a variety of four colour packs to choose from, each pack with their own pattern/colour options. The lens themselves are wearable as glasses or sunglasses, depending upon your preference.

Chandra Masala of Bilo is fabulous and a very close friend, and I’ve gotten to know how creative she can be, and always inspires me. This new dress if stunning. Seriously. It’s extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right accessorising. I definitely recommend it as any SL woman’s staple addition to our already brimming wardrobes.

Finally, the bag and jewellery. I think that my SL old age (I’ve played on multiple accounts since around early 2005!) has finally caught up with me, because I seem to forget all about events and remember just as everyone has already picked up the new releases. I’ve never been great at accessorising and it’s something that I try to work on as much as I can. So when I saw these pieces at FaMESHed and Uber this month I snapped them up as I knew exactly what they would go with. I’m feeling very Hamptons housewife heading to her girlfriend’s for a spot of poker and hors d’oeuvres in this post. I love it.

It’s nearly Friday, everyone! Hope you’re all getting excited for the weekend. I’ll leave you with this fabulous song of the day.

Song of The Day


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