I’m vibing on an 80s and 90s style lately in world. This is my look in RL, and lately in SL I’ve moved more away from high-fashion, editorial outfits towards more everyday looks. It’s something I think is incredibly underdone in SL, along with realistic avatars. I was talking with a friend about this topic today and we spoke about how it’s almost as if having a realistic look is seen as unique in Second Life because of this.

I’ve changed my avatar quite a lot over the past few months, trying to create a proportionate, realistic avatar, and I’m incredibly happy with the result. Mesh bodies and bento have allowed the Second Life sliders to have a much bigger impact, and I love it!


Long May She Reign

I love history, and I’ve always been fascinated with lineages and royal lines. The TV show Reign on The CW recently finished, and I’ve been wanting to do a look inspired by that show, which was beautifully designed. The costumes, I read, were modernised due to the outfits of their day seeming dated and garish to us. However,  for those that lived then, the clothes that we know those in that time wore were beautiful and fashion forward. So, Reign created modernised versions of those looks, to allow us to relate to and enjoy the beauty of how the clothing was perceived back then. Here’s my take on the fashions royalty wore in yesteryear!


Being back in SL after so long is such a weird experience. I’ve been discovering, falling in love with and re-falling for all these stores I love or haven’t experienced before.

I’m still experimenting with my look for my Bento head, but I’m getting closer to a final look that I really love. It’s definitely different to how Autumn has looked for many years, but it’s been fun to explore new looks and styling options! This look, however, is a hark back to my older posts that you will have seen on my blog and Flickr.