I’ve recently rented a spot of land on one of my favourite sims, Pemberley, after not having a home for 7 months or so. I usually have a little stint in which I rent a home for while, and I always hire a decorator. I’m far too impatient to shop for furniture; I find it incredibly tedious and stressful, personally.

Alexand Vantelli, one of my closest and most dearest friends is a well-known builder and interior decorator, primarily working at The Grove. Her exquisite eye for detail and uncanny knack for modifying pieces of furniture into something with her signature style made her an obvious choice to hire. I originally did want to at least attempt to decorate my home myself to see if I could, and did set out to do so, but was terrified at the idea of decorating a one-room space. Alexand, however, turned this space into something that incorporates a bedroom, living room, dining room and kitchen fluidly and beautifully.

Today’s image is one of my favourite nooks to relax and daydream in within my home. The style of the whole home itself, as Alexand states, “what Taylor Swift’s publicist would want her to live in”, due to she and many other of my friends calling me ‘Swiftian’ in every respect. I also like to think of it as a ‘liveable greenhouse.’

For those of you that would like to see more of my home, I’ve recently uploaded a few more images over on my Flickr of my home, with more to come over the next week or so. I’m incredibly excited to use my home for blogging pictures, and hope that you like them as and when they come.

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