Well, hello there!

It’s been six months already, apparently! Here I am, back in England, on dry land, writing this post in complete disbelief. It hasn’t hit me yet that I’m home, and it’s been 7 days since I landed back here.

I’m super excited to be back on vacation as it means that I can once again pick up my blogging mantle and get back into the swing of things. Obviously, all the things that are new to me aren’t going to be quite as new to all of my readers out there, so I’m going to hold off posting too many style looks until I spot some new releases. I did, however, want to put a little outfit together to accompany this post, which as usual you can see above!

I don’t really have much to say without turning this blog post into a mile-long rant to share with you all what I got up to in that tin can on the high seas, but this is a fashion blog, not a journal. So I’ll save you all from that- ha!

I’m super happy to be back, and as they say; watch this space!



Hey, everyone! I hope you’re having a great week so far!

I’ve been slightly AWOL over the past couple of days due to the release of The Sims 4, which I have been patiently waiting for ever since I heard of it’s release and tested an early version when I worked at Eurogamer in London during October 2013. I’m having lots of fun with it, and you can see what I’m getting up to in my game by heading over to my Sims Tumblr, or ‘Simblr’ as the community likes to call it. You can find it here!

Today’s blog post is a rehash of an outfit i’ve been wanting to blog for a while, when I was having my 90s-esque phase of looks a week or so back. I recieved a couple of new releases from Truth, as well as a lovely little shirt dress from Rowne for their Collabor88 release, and decided that these pieces worked extremely well with certain other items in the original look, and et voila! Here we are.

The pants, by Baiastice, and the bracelet (which I adore!) by Izzie’s are still available to pick up at The Dressing Room FUSION for super cheap! So head over and pick these beauties up whilst you have the chance.

If any of you are playing The Sims 4 as of late and have a tumblr page yourself, be sure to give me a follow! I’ll be back and forth between this and that blog over the next couple of weeks until I start to get bored of it. Ha!



Song of The Day

Break Free

Hey, everyone! TGIF! Yay! I

I’ve been out of the loop with pop music for a little whilst, existing in a bubble of acoustic covers and bands like Fleetwood Mac and Lykke Li, but I have adored Ariana Grande for a while now. She’s absolutely adorable.

Her new music video, which draws upon and parodies many SciFi culture elements was crying out to have her looks recreated in Second Life.

It took me absolutely ages to get this right, and playing with different hair attachments to get the anti-gravity feel and not that I’m just floating around in mid air, but I think I did a pretty good job!

I hope that you have a fantastic weekend, let loose and, ha, break free!

Song of The Day


I’m currently writing this with a little bit of a hangover. I shot my first ever wedding yesterday, which led to lots and lots of free double gin and tonics. I think I counted about 10. Goodness me. So I figured I’d be proactive and blog since I missed my chance yesterday.

At first I wanted to blog Collabor88 specific items, but I felt that a little too restrictive with my tastes, and most people seem to all blog the same type of items during this period. They’re all beautiful, don’t get me wrong- but sometimes I tire of seeing the same pieces on avatars for the first week of the event opening. So I figured I’d take two simple pieces from the event, the new Shiu pants from Rowne, and LaGyo’s Metis ring and work up from there.

Even though these items aren’t ‘Greek’, I think that collectively everything featured in today’s post brings about that feel. As you all know, I’m a little bit slow on new releases and actually only just discovered this beautiful peplum top by Coco. I don’t think I’ll be taking it off for a couple of days.  But that’s okay, because with this hangover? I probably won’t want to do too much.

Song of The Day


Epoque & Bilo both released new items last night, and I absolutely adore them. I’ve worn Epoque’s old Browline shades for years now as my go-to glasses, so when Vintage McMillan informed me of her new release that acts as a homage to her older pieces, I was thrilled. They come in a variety of four colour packs to choose from, each pack with their own pattern/colour options. The lens themselves are wearable as glasses or sunglasses, depending upon your preference.

Chandra Masala of Bilo is fabulous and a very close friend, and I’ve gotten to know how creative she can be, and always inspires me. This new dress if stunning. Seriously. It’s extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right accessorising. I definitely recommend it as any SL woman’s staple addition to our already brimming wardrobes.

Finally, the bag and jewellery. I think that my SL old age (I’ve played on multiple accounts since around early 2005!) has finally caught up with me, because I seem to forget all about events and remember just as everyone has already picked up the new releases. I’ve never been great at accessorising and it’s something that I try to work on as much as I can. So when I saw these pieces at FaMESHed and Uber this month I snapped them up as I knew exactly what they would go with. I’m feeling very Hamptons housewife heading to her girlfriend’s for a spot of poker and hors d’oeuvres in this post. I love it.

It’s nearly Friday, everyone! Hope you’re all getting excited for the weekend. I’ll leave you with this fabulous song of the day.

Song of The Day

#1 – New Again

“Everything that is old becomes new again.”

I came across this quote earlier and it made me pause for a moment and think about what it actually meant to me, sparking the idea for this post today.

In our society we often shun the old for the new. In a world of gadgetry we crave that new fad until it’s lifespan comes to an end, leading the cycle to start again. This occurs in the Second Life fashion industry frequently, with creators releasing new items for seasonal events and arcades.

But what about those beautiful pieces tucked away in the deep, cobwebbed recesses of your inventory? You used to love them, so what happened? It got replaced.

The items in this post are a fusion of both new and old favourites of mine,  showcasing just how fantastic one can look without thinking, ‘I have nothing to wear’ all the time– come on now, we all do it!

Are you a person who loves their old collection of items? Do you only wear the newest pieces? Share your thoughts with me by adding a comment below.

PS. – The most important thing about this site is my readership’s experience, and so feedback on this first post, the look and setup of my blog or anything else you’d like to tell me about would be greatly appreciated. Please use the contact form below to inform me of your thoughts so I can keep generating the content that you want to see.