Epoque & Bilo both released new items last night, and I absolutely adore them. I’ve worn Epoque’s old Browline shades for years now as my go-to glasses, so when Vintage McMillan informed me of her new release that acts as a homage to her older pieces, I was thrilled. They come in a variety of four colour packs to choose from, each pack with their own pattern/colour options. The lens themselves are wearable as glasses or sunglasses, depending upon your preference.

Chandra Masala of Bilo is fabulous and a very close friend, and I’ve gotten to know how creative she can be, and always inspires me. This new dress if stunning. Seriously. It’s extremely versatile and can be dressed up or down with the right accessorising. I definitely recommend it as any SL woman’s staple addition to our already brimming wardrobes.

Finally, the bag and jewellery. I think that my SL old age (I’ve played on multiple accounts since around early 2005!) has finally caught up with me, because I seem to forget all about events and remember just as everyone has already picked up the new releases. I’ve never been great at accessorising and it’s something that I try to work on as much as I can. So when I saw these pieces at FaMESHed and Uber this month I snapped them up as I knew exactly what they would go with. I’m feeling very Hamptons housewife heading to her girlfriend’s for a spot of poker and hors d’oeuvres in this post. I love it.

It’s nearly Friday, everyone! Hope you’re all getting excited for the weekend. I’ll leave you with this fabulous song of the day.

Song of The Day


The Lady Is A Tramp

Michael Bublé, Tony Bennett & Fred Astaire somehow found themselves onto my playlist today, so this post was completely necessary. I wore most of this outfit my head-ache inducing, gravity-defying picture last night over on Flickr last night, and with a few adjustments worked perfectly well for today’s look.

I have only recently discovered Peqe, and I have to say that I am absolutely in awe at their fabulous textures. I actually bought this dress for an Elven outfit in the works that I never got around to finishing, but it’s just the right amount of sexy and classy that it worked for a ‘dinner date’ look.

I’m also wearing my new and rather fabulous friend, Herve Faenzo of FAENZO’s clutch, which is absolutely beautifully well made with fabulous texturing. If you don’t know of his work, you should; check out his Marketplace page here.

Now, most of you know that I love (and always have loved) LeLutka. I actually missed this hair upon it’s release, and only found out about it a few days later after a friend informed me. Goodness me. It’s simple, which is great for me; simple long styles are always timeless and yet still make you look worth a million Linden dollars with the right look. I might even head over to one of those age-old yet still adorable jazz dance clubs stuck in 2006 and see if I can find myself a sugar daddy. Do you think I’ll turn heads?

I hope you’re having a fabulous hump day. I’m spending mine watching The Importance of Being Earnest & Miss Potter. How quaint.

Song of The Day

I’m Not The Only One

I haven’t heard much of Sam Smith’s music until recently as I’ve stopped listening to chart hits and moved into more indie pieces. But I have been a long time fan of Dianna Agron (Glee, The Family) and her beauty and acting talent, and upon hearing her involvement as the main character of a dishevelled housewife in Smith’s ‘I’m Not The Only One’ music video, I checked it out.

A song riddled with emotion, the video was beautifully shot. It inspired me to create my own look based on the video. I had trouble finding items that matched Agron’s outfit completely, so this is more of an ‘inspired by’ look than that of a replica. I hope you like it!

Song of The Day


Today I’m bringing you something a little different. My friend, Mz. Marville of Matoluta Sanctuary asked me to take part in modelling Native American clothing for creator Harmini Idlemind for her store, Harm’s Way.

These outfits were created with the purpose of allowing people to embrace native culture and to receive a feeling of empowerment upon wearing them.

On August 8th, from 4PM – 8PM SLT, Matoluta Sanctuary will be hosting a ‘Masau’ dance, a Cheyenne tradition which harks back to the time when the Cheyenne ventured into the black hills or,  more commonly known as, the badlands. A Masau dance is represented by animals through dance.  The attire, as expected, should be Native inspired, with all welcome to attend this respectful event. As such, to respect the culture, it is asked that attendees refrain from donning typical Native headdresses unless “you are familiar with the significance and willing to take on the embodiment as a permanent lifestyle in Second Life.”

As well as the outfit I am wearing, which composes of a mix and match of the items Harmini has on offer at her store, there are a lovely selection of pieces to experiment with to create a beautiful look. From 2PM SLT August 3rd, these outfits are on sale from Harm’s Way at 375L.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend, and thank you for taking the time to read this post today.

Song of The Day


This new hair by TRUTH for Uber is absolutely darling. I’m usually not someone who can pull off really girly hairstyles and looks, so I was extremely surprised when this looked pretty darned fabulous on me! The bow is tintable, but also comes in a variety of beautiful pattern textures which didn’t really compliment me all that much, unfortunately. Damn my old lady Taylor Swift vibe.

The hairs are available in all their usual colours, with standard packs at a lower price of 200L.

Happy fun shopping, SLers! You deserve a good end to the week, right?

Song of The Day


I was contacted recently by Fade Arcade of Fade Arcade Designs, a Second Life designer and template creator, asking if I would like to blog some of his creations. His pieces range from club wear to skimpier pieces, but I came across this fantastic shirt which I was instantly inspired by.

You’d think the ‘dress’ that I’m wearing is a one piece, right? No, it’s actually from two designers. The shirt is, as aforementioned, by Fade Arcade, whilst the skirt is one of my old favourites from a splendid little store called REMY, which has some absolutely must-have pieces for those of you who like to experiment with layering. I usually have many, many issues with layering mesh items, so I was happy that these meshed (excuse the pun) so nicely.

Make sure to head over to Fade’s store and browse his items, there are some gems that you’ll be glad to pick up.

P.S. – I’ve finally gotten around to fixing up my Facebook Page. It’s another way to keep up to date with what I’m doing. You can find it here.

Song of The Day


5 2 U

Makeup. Smoke and mirrors. Many of us use it every day to cover blemishes, or completely carve out a new facial structure with highlight and contour (I’m looking at you, Kim!) and we love it. It makes us feel good, and we exude confidence.

I often have people approach me to ask where my skin is from. The answer? It’s not ‘a’ skin. It’s makeup. I want to share with you the layers and 5 steps I take to get my look, due to how well received this tutorial was back in 2011 and on my now retired makeup-only blog, but this time I’m trading the crazy eyeliner and lipstick with a simple, cleaner look.

The fact is, without all of my makeups layers? I look completely different. Some may say I look better without them, some may like it with. It’s about bringing a further sense of uniqueness to your avatar, allowing you to further stand out from the crowd.


With just 5, well 6, if you count the freckles as an extra step, makeup layers, I’ve completely morphed the shape of my face, keeping only the most important feature of the Kit skin visible which for me is the nose. Now we can apply this technique with varying degrees, but it all adds towards changing how we look. Ever wanted an eyebrow shape or a nose for your favourite skin but were disappointed with how it looked on your shape? Try this! Who knows, you may love it even more.

Song of The Day

When I’m working on my images, I usually pick on a style of music or an artist that channels what overall style I’m looking to achieve in the image(s). A friend suggested to me I try out a ‘song of the day’ in my posts, so let me know if you like it!