Today I’m bringing you something a little different. My friend, Mz. Marville of Matoluta Sanctuary asked me to take part in modelling Native American clothing for creator Harmini Idlemind for her store, Harm’s Way.

These outfits were created with the purpose of allowing people to embrace native culture and to receive a feeling of empowerment upon wearing them.

On August 8th, from 4PM – 8PM SLT, Matoluta Sanctuary will be hosting a ‘Masau’ dance, a Cheyenne tradition which harks back to the time when the Cheyenne ventured into the black hills or,  more commonly known as, the badlands. A Masau dance is represented by animals through dance.  The attire, as expected, should be Native inspired, with all welcome to attend this respectful event. As such, to respect the culture, it is asked that attendees refrain from donning typical Native headdresses unless “you are familiar with the significance and willing to take on the embodiment as a permanent lifestyle in Second Life.”

As well as the outfit I am wearing, which composes of a mix and match of the items Harmini has on offer at her store, there are a lovely selection of pieces to experiment with to create a beautiful look. From 2PM SLT August 3rd, these outfits are on sale from Harm’s Way at 375L.

I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend, and thank you for taking the time to read this post today.

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