I was contacted recently by Fade Arcade of Fade Arcade Designs, a Second Life designer and template creator, asking if I would like to blog some of his creations. His pieces range from club wear to skimpier pieces, but I came across this fantastic shirt which I was instantly inspired by.

You’d think the ‘dress’ that I’m wearing is a one piece, right? No, it’s actually from two designers. The shirt is, as aforementioned, by Fade Arcade, whilst the skirt is one of my old favourites from a splendid little store called REMY, which has some absolutely must-have pieces for those of you who like to experiment with layering. I usually have many, many issues with layering mesh items, so I was happy that these meshed (excuse the pun) so nicely.

Make sure to head over to Fade’s store and browse his items, there are some gems that you’ll be glad to pick up.

P.S. – I’ve finally gotten around to fixing up my Facebook Page. It’s another way to keep up to date with what I’m doing. You can find it here.

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